• Don’t put all your eggs in the one basket

    An email I received this week (with 2 weeks notice) was a good reminder for any affiliates who are looking to put all their eggs in one basket: ——- Dear Valued Partner, Thank you for partnering with Wrike. We will be terminating the affiliate program and all existing partnerships that existed under that program. Consequently, …

  • What you could earn in a year by recommending product bundles

    Our philosophy around affiliate programs is that the recommendations will flow naturally in the way you deliver your advice and service. Let’s run through a scenario to illustrate. You’re a business consultant of some type and you’re been called in to give recommendations on the systems for a 10-person professional services business. They want to …

  • FTC Compliance Reminder Email Template

    Dear [affiliate], Thank you for your participation in the [program name] affiliate program! We just want to take a moment to remind everyone about FTC disclosure requirements and the importance of compliance. To maintain a positive standing within the [program name] affiliate program, affiliates are required to include a disclosure statement within any and all …

  • What happens when a library saves your link

    This shows what can happen when a library saves one of your bookstore affiliate links.

  • Affiliate Program Sign Up Email Template

    The team at ProcessKit has created an excellent template that you can use for your affiliate program launch announcement. The template is: It’s here! ProcessKit now has an affiliate program. That means that you can earn commissions every time you refer new customers to ProcessKit. All you need to do is share your unique referral …

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