Stripo Affiliate Program

Earn 25% lifetime recurring commission through the Stripo affiliate program.

Affiliate Sign-Up Page

Promote building emails with and earn a 25% lifetime commission for every paid Stripo account that you bring.

Track clicks, sign-ups, and payments by your referral link and monthly earn a 25% commission off every payment your referral makes. On average, partners make $1500 a month, and this amount is increasing with every new client they make. Dashboard is provided by the popular FirstPromoter platform.

Program features

  • Lifetime* 25% commission for each referred customer.
  • PayPal or Wise payout with a minimum of $100.
  • 120-day cookie life.
  • Last-click attribution.

* Commissions for any paid plugin subscription that your referral purchased only within the first 12 months.

About Stripo

  • An email design platform, that helps to design responsive email templates fast without any HTML skills.
  • Widely integrated with 70 ESPs and have over 1050+ ready to use email templates in our library.
  • Shows multiple ways to diversify promo newsletters — from design ideas to gamification and quiz elements embedded in emails.
  • Provides all necessary tools for creating emails of any complexity, including interactive, real-time, and AMP content.
  • Once your email is ready, you may test how it will render in major email clients, share, comment, and approve with colleagues and clients prior to sending emails to your email automation systems.
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