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How To Use

We developed this database in Airtable so you can copy the base to your own Airtable account but you do have the option to download all the data in .csv format (instructions here). This file can then be uploaded to Notion or Google Sheets.

Do you offer refunds?

As this is a digital product, we can’t offer refunds but we’re happy to answer any questions you have before purchase. Use the link below.

Can I use this in Google Sheets or Excel?

You can easily download all the data in .csv format (instructions here) from Airtable and then upload the data to Excel or Google Sheets.

When was this last updated?

Great question! It is continually updated to reflect the most accurate data and include more programs.

Can I use a free Airtable account?

Due to the amount of data in this Airtable base, you will need a paid Airtable account to access. If you’d prefer to use the data in free software, you can download as a .csv and upload to Google Docs.

What do I need to sign up to the programs?

Most programs just need your contact details but some programs require you to have a website and a simple strategy for promotion (i.e. content on your website, social media content etc).

How much do I get paid from the programs?

All affiliate programs are performance-based so you’re only paid if you send a company someone who signs up and pays for their software product. Commissions and payments range from $2 per signup to $100+ per month per signup (for the length of time that the person remains a paid customer of the software company).

Do you have an affiliate program for this dashboard?

We do! Very meta, I know. We’re selling this dashboard using Gumroad and paying a 50% commission to affiliates on the sales they make. To apply to promote this affiliate dashboard, use this link.

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Use the button below to purchase directly from our Gumroad page.

Another Question?

If you’ve got questions about the product, shoot us an email.