UserSketch Affiliate Program

Earn 40% lifetime recurring commission through the UserSketch affiliate program.

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About UserSketch

UserSketch is a powerful tool for remote B2C SaaS companies to collect and track every user event, all in one place.

Commission structure

Earn 40% recurring revenue for every customer you refer to UserSketch. You’ll get paid every month for as long as they stay a customer.

  • 60-day conversion window
  • Earn 40% for life.

How UserSketch Works

  • UserSketch integrates directly with a company’s communication channels and tools, such as Gmail and Stripe, and chat platforms like HelpScout and Slack, to collect and organize user interactions.
  • UserSketch automatically creates detailed user profiles based on interactions, compiling data from various sources into comprehensive profiles.
  • UserSketch Utilizes artificial intelligence to sift through data, highlighting the most relevant information for each user or situation, making it easier for companies to understand and act on user needs.
  • UserSketch consolidates all user-related data and interactions into a single tab, eliminating the need to switch between different platforms or tools to get a complete view of user activities.
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