Quickbooks Affiliate Program

Earn up to 10% upfront through the QuickBooks accounting affiliate program.

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Earn up to 10% upfront through the QuickBooks accounting affiliate program.

QuickBooks Affiliate Program
Offer QuickBooks. Add Value. Earn Commissions.
The QuickBooks Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity that allows current and future Intuit partners and affiliates to provide QuickBooks to their customers. Affiliates place a QuickBooks logo on a Web site and earn referral fee by selling QuickBooks financial software.

Offer a wide selection of QuickBooks products to your customers at a discount.

You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 10% percent in commissions on sales originating from your Web site.

Intuit does the work of taking and shipping orders and handling customer service. All you need to do is place Intuit-approved marketing materials on your Web site. Through our online Affiliate Toolkit, you can easily track every sale, every day!

In addition to providing you the highly recognized QuickBooks logos, we also guide you through the process of adding content, banners, and links to your Web site. The moment a banner is live on your site, you can start earning commissions.

Who can join? Anyone with an interest in small business can apply to the program — but you must have a functioning Web site in order to be considered for membership. While we are accepting applications from all interested parties, please note that we are not able to accept all applicants.

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