Better Proposals Affiliate Program

Earn 20% ongoing through the Better Proposals affiliate program.

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Earn 20% ongoing through the Better Proposals affiliate program.

Become a partner, earn commission and wow your audience
A true partnership
Look good to your audience and be associated with the best. Partnering with Better Proposals is exactly that, a true partnership. We give you not only income for successful referrals – that’s expected but you’re also featured in our regular marketing and Template Marketplace.

If the idea of having your brand or service promoted to constantly to our 8,000+ customers in over 150 countries sounds good then continue reading.

First, who is this for?
This is for experts in the field of helping your industry do better. Perhaps you help web designers win better quality projects like WP Elevation? Perhaps you work with video makers and help them sell videos for higher prices like Marcus Rideout?

If you’re an authority in your space and teach others how to improve their businesses in a certain industry then you’re a perfect fit.

What you’d need to do:
Typically you’ll have a way of communicating with your students or audience. It could be a Facebook Group, email newsletter or smoke signals – whatever your method, it’s cool with us.

You’ll need to have a look through Better Proposals and give it a simple review and recommendation to your audience. This should include a backlink to us at a bare minimum along with your affiliate link.

You should encourage the use of proposals in general and bring up the conversation from time to time. If you have an onboarding pack/document then including Better Proposals as a crucial component is a brilliant way to promote your link.

What we do for you:
When you sign up for Better Proposals you’re encouraged to add a template from the hundreds available in our Template Marketplace. If someone adds a template that matches what you do we’ll set up a little popup to introduce them to your business every time someone new adds that template.

Now, if you have a recommended proposal template you suggest your students use then you can create this in Better Proposals, copy in all the content and have it available in the Template Marketplace (public or hidden).

In addition to that…

You’ll get your own branded landing page with a tailored headline and a little image creating that real partnered look.
You get 20% recurring commission for the life of the deal which often runs into several years.
You’ll be featured regularly with custom made graphics in our Facebook community and across all our socials.
You’ll be assigned an account manager who will work with you to create everything you need to make sure your partnership with us is always on track.
We will arrange for Adam Hempenstall, our CEO to do a guest appearance on your Facebook Group, podcast, guest video interview or however you’d like to do it. He’ll share data backed proposal tips, conversion ideas and more.
In special cases, Adam will agree to join your private members only Facebook groups and respond to questions relating to proposals.

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