Bambee Affiliate Program

Earn $150 per qualified lead through the Bambee HR affiliate program.

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Earn $150 per qualified lead through the Bambee HR affiliate program.

Partner with Bambee and help your clients get HR peace of mind.

Why Partner with Bambee?

HR peace of mind for clients
Help your clients solve HR business challenges and take control of policies & procedures.

Earn commission on referrals
Refer clients to Bambee and earn commission from leads generated through your link.

Access to marketing materials
Gain access to marketing collateral, industry specific pages, and one-sheeters to help your clients understand Bambee.

How does it work?
Refer clients to
1) Refer clients that are interested in HR services by using the unique link found in your partner dashboard.

2) Earn commission once your client becomes a lead for Bambee.

3) Partners will be paid out at the end of every month. You can find commission rates in your partner dashboard.

Who is a good fit?
The Bambee Partner Program will be a great fit if you work with small business owners. Whether you’re an insurance broker, an insurance agent, or a payroll service provider, it’s likely your client has questions about HR. We’re here to address that challenge so they can focus on running their businesses.

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