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Earn % per sale through the Azendoo project management affiliate program.

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Earn % per sale through the Azendoo project management affiliate program.

Partner Program
We are placing our technology in the hands of Digital Transformation experts.

Our mutual clients have already instigated the mutation of company work methods with their business culture. We are fully committed to helping digital consultancy firms, “our partners”, with their client’s digital transformation projects. From innovation incubators to company wide rollouts, we will support you along the way.

Consultancy firm references
Our current consultancy partners are already using Azendoo to accompany their client’s digital transformation projects, covering multiple fields such as Digital Strategy, Innovation, Lean, etc.

Client references
Many Chief Digital Officers have chosen and successfully deployed Azendoo as part of their digital transformation mission. Azendoo is simple to put in place and easily adopted by all types of teams. The tool enables companies to excel in improving productivity and increasing collaboration with the objective of : breaking down classic company silos.

Azendoo has enjoyed huge international success with strong growth in all markets. Our application differentiates itself from all competition in all collaboration projects.

Affiliate Program Type

Project Management

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