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Earn 35% of ongoing fees in the AMO CRM affiliate program.

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Earn 35% of ongoing fees in the AMO CRM affiliate program.

What is a CRM? What does amoCRM do?
CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. The ultimate goal is to manage and deepen business interactions with potential and existing customers in order to increase a company’s sales.

amoCRM is software that does this by giving you a bird’s-eye view of all your potential customers, centralizing all your conversations with them and giving you tools to always follow up at the right time.

What is the amoCRM Partner Program?
amoCRM’s Expert Partner Program was designed for anyone who shares a passion for entrepreneurship and wants to launch their own business. In addition to being an ambassador of amoCRM and messenger-based sales, you will develop your own business specialization. In return, you’ll not only earn commission, but you will also unlock the opportunity to grow your business.

Is CRM software knowledge required?
Nope! We will train you on everything you need to know. In addition to getting access to on-demand video courses, you’ll receive a free enterprise subscription to our product. You’ll also be assigned a personal amoCRM coach who will assist you whenever it’s needed and join a community of active amoCRM partners.

How will I earn money as a partner?
You’ll get 35% for every new purchase your clients make in amoCRM. And it doesn’t expire! In other words, if the customer keeps paying, you’ll keep getting your share. Most importantly, after reaching $10K as a partner, your commission rate will increase to 50%. Plus, any services you offer your clients on top of this are 100% your revenue.

Who can I sell amoCRM to?
amoCRM’s customers are mainly start-ups and small businesses. And since you’ll be a start-upper too, you’ll be bringing your first-hand experience of starting a business to the table when you help them. Our product helps teams in many industries — from design firms to solar installers to cybersecurity industries.

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