Freshbooks Affiliate Program

Earn $5 per trial signup + $55 per paid signup through the Freshbooks accounting affiliate program.

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Earn Like a Boss as a FreshBooks Affiliate
You’re talented, creative and enterprising. Join the FreshBooks Affiliate Program today and turn your trusted recommendations into income.

Start Earning More Today
FreshBooks pays an industry leading $5 USD per free trial signup plus $55 USD per paid subscription. With minimal effort, you can monetize your content using trackable links available through our trusted third-party affiliate network partner, Share‑a‑Sale. VIP commissions are available for top performers.

You Want It We Got It
Industry Leading Commission
$5 USD per free trial signup plus $55 USD per paid subscriber

Extended Cookie Life
You will now be awarded for any visitor who clicks your affiliate link and begins a trial within 120-days.

Dedicated Affiliate Team
Dedicated in-house management & partner support

Poaching Protection
Protection from poaching by adware, coupon & trademark bidding affiliates

Affiliate Program Type

Accounting & Invoicing

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